Affiliate Tools

These affiliate tools include (in order):

  • An email swipe file (this converted well for us)
  • 1000-word original article (spin it first, then include your links where you want and post it)
  • 10 custom ad banners to use on your sites
  • A rebrandable report (insert your affiliate code below, then scroll down and click to generate the report. It will be automatically rebranded with your affiliate links for the ad banners in the report)
  • A ready to use squeeze page for giving away the report.
  • Video bonus to bribe your site visitors and subscribers with (includes promotional cover with your affiliate link and the video files package in full)

Instructions: Enter your affiliate ID below and press the “Generate Affiliate Links” button before doing anything else. The email swipe file, ad banners, and rebrandable report will be changed to include your affiliate link. After this, scroll down to the report and click the “Rebrand and Generate Report” link that appears. The report will be rebranded in several spots where we have banner ads. Then download the report and give it away as-is or use the squeeze page provided to quickly set up the giveaway offer.

Not Yet an Affiliate of uses JVZoo to process sales and affiliate commissions.

Sign up to JVZoo by clicking the ad banner (it’s free).              sign-up-as-an-affiliate



Request to become our affiliate here and we’ll set your commission at 50%.


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