Create Amazing 3D eCovers In Just 15 Minutes or Less

Create high quality 3D ebook, software, vista boxes, DVD or membership card covers with our PLR eCover Creator in just 15 minutes or less! “The Most Powerful, Fail-Proof, Web-Based, All-In-One 3D Cover Creator On The Internet!”   Features 360 Degrees Rotatable Models 6 Different Templates (Models) 300 DPI Resolution Output Image editing on the fly! […]

10 High Quality Cat PLR Ebook Packages PLUS Family Pets Articles Combo

Our Cat PLR Package Consists of 10 High Quality PLR ebooks Plus a whopping 600+ Family Pets Articles   INCLUDES: AllAboutCatTraining CatCareBlueprint_mrr CatHealth CatsNicheNewsletters CatTrainingHowYouCANTrainYourCat CatTrainingTech_mrr CurbYourCat KittyBasics OwningACat Raising_Exotic_Bengal_Kittens   PLUS over 600 Family Pet Articles! You can sell all of these, bundle them together as a package, and some you can give away […]

16 High Quality Bridal and Wedding PLR Ebook Video Package

Our Bridal and Wedding PLR package consists of 16 high quality wedding plr ebooks and wedding plr videos INCLUDES: BridalAccTemplates BridesGuideHiringDJ FunWedding InstantWedding PACKwedding PlanningThePerfectWeddingOnAShoestringBudget Shoestringwedding UniqueWeddings Wedding_Planning_Uncovered Wedding_Videography WeddingPhotographyTips WeddingPlanningSimplified WeddingSpeeches WeddingsSiteBuilder_mrrg WonderfulWeddingFavours   You can sell all of the PLR ebooks and articles, bundle them together as a package, and some you can […]

15 High Quality Fishing PLR and Fish Care Ebooks Package

Our Fishing PLR ebook package consists of 15 high quality fishing and fish care eBooks INCLUDES: 101flyfishing Aquarium&FishCareTactics BassFishing BassFishing101 BettaFish_mrr FantasticFishProfits_rr Fishing FishingBlog Fish_Recipes FlyFishing FlyFishing_Basics GuideToFishing_plr KeepingFish Niche_Fishing TropicalFishCare_rr     You can sell all of the PLR ebooks and articles, bundle them together as a package, and some you can give away […]

20 High Quality Parenting PLR Ebooks Package

Our Parenting PLR ebook package consists of 20 high quality parenting eBooks INCLUDES: A Parent’s Guide To Medicine Safety AvoidBabyBattles BrainResearchChild Childrens_Learning_Ebook_Package CommonCore_mrr DealingWithDrugs_mrrg DevelopmentDilemma EmpoweringTheChild_MRR GuideToParenting_ InvolvementInformer JoyModernParenting_mrr ParentingThroughDivorce PreSchoolGuide_mrrg ResponsibleChildCare SchoolingSelection SexScenario_mrrg SingleParentingsGuide SmartParenting TheProblemWithTodaysTeenagers ToddlersWorld_mrrg   You can sell all of the PLR ebooks and articles, bundle them together as a package, […]

23 High Quality Gardening PLR Ebooks Package

Our Gardening PLR ebook package consists of 23 high quality Gardening and Organic Gardening eBooks INCLUDES: 51_Greenhouse_Gardening_Tips American_Gardener BonsaiTree Building Your Own Dreamhouse GardeningMinisitePackage GreenhouseMaintenance_rr GrowPlantsInGreenhouse_rr Home_Vegetable_Gardening HowToAttractButterfliesToYourGarden HowtobeEnvironmentallyFriendly IndoorGardening LawnCare OrganicGardenersComposting OrganicGardening OrganicGardeningForBeginners OrganicGardeningProduct OrganicGardeningThemesPack OrganicGrowingAndGardening OrganicSecrets TheCompleteGardnersReferenceLibrary TheJoysOfOrganicGardeningMinisite TheSecretsForALushGarden VegetableGardening101   You can sell all of the PLR ebooks and articles, bundle them […]

DealGuardian Review and The Warrior Forum Ban On Deal Guardian Posts


As DealGuardian gets set to open its doors to the general buying public, our DealGuardian Review takes a look at the marketing scheme behind it, the vendor and affiliate model it has adopted, and we discover any discrepancies between DealGuardian’s claims and actual Terms of Service agreement. DealGuardian Review DealGuardian is scheduled to open for […]

WordPress Basic PLR Setup Video Tutorials 2014 Edition

This is an excellent WordPress PLR package of PLR video tutorials for WordPress beginners, and the videos are current for 2014. 12  WordPress PLR videos covering the following step by step WordPress setup: Video 1: WordPress – Before You Begin Video 2a: Installing WordPress With Fantastico Video 2b: Installing WordPress With Softaculous Video 3: Updating […]

Home Business PLR and Small Business PLR Ebooks – PLUS 600+ Small Business Article Combo

Our Home Business PLR and Small Business PLR Ebooks package consists of 35 high quality PLR ebooks PLUS 600+ Small Business Articles   INCLUDES: […]

23 Offline Marketing PLR Ebooks -PLUS 600+ Website Promotion Articles Combo

Our Offline Marketing PLR Ebooks package consists of 23 high quality PLR ebooks PLUS Over 600 Website Promotion Articles INCLUDES: Selling The Secret TalkingToAProspect   PLUS over 600 Website Promotion Articles! You […]